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Launching our new KAS podcast, What I REALLY Learnt at School: Alfredian Voices

20th March 24

Welcome to What I REALLY Learnt at School –  Alfredian Voices.

We can all remember our school days, the highs, the lows, the achievements, and the challenges, but what we learnt and the experiences that shaped us are different for everyone. In this podcast series, we bring you the voices of Old Alfredians, former students at the King Alfred School in North London, a school that has stood out from the crowd for the past 125 years for delivering a deeper learning experience. Highlighting their stories shows the impact that schools can have when they are bold and innovative and crucially take a child-centered approach to education.

Our first episode interviews Jordan Schwarzenberger. Having been named in Forbes 30 under 30 in 2023, and recently invited to speak on a panel at Downing Street with Rishi Sunak, we caught up with Jordan, Co-Founder of Arcade Media to reflect on The King Alfred School’s impact on his successes.

Jordan talks about the unique, individual-focused approach of his school that instilled in him a passion to experiment and try new things. He highlights being a part of multiple projects, and his early interaction with digital culture. Against societal norms, Jordan talks about leaving university after a term to focus on gaining practical experience in the creative industry instead. He shares his valuable experiences working at Vice, LAD Bible, Roundabout and YMU that led him to starting his own agency, Arcade Media. He stresses the importance of work experience, the downfall of traditional education structures, and the promise of apprenticeships for the youth. He credits his school for providing the creative foundation for his career success to date. Click the image below to listen to Jordan’s interview.

We are grateful to the OAs who have shared their stories, allowing us to bring our school’s vibrant history alive. Our 125th anniversary book, full of photographs from our archive, complements the stories in this series.

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