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Year 9 Make Art Wearable

18th January 24

Year 9 had a brilliant day creating abstract pieces of wearable art at the start of the term.

Using wooden structures and different types of materials, the students worked in groups throughout the entire day to build designs they created prior to the day. They were inspired by selected artwork in the lessons and worked collaboratively to make plans for what they were going to make. From spray paint to sequins, duck tape to hot glue, everything imaginable was manipulated into becoming wearable art! At the end of the day, the groups had a photoshoot of their final product, with one member of the team wearing the art and being the subject.

One group said: “We really enjoyed the day. It’s really fun and it let us express ourselves.”

Another added: “It’s nice to work with your friends. We got to bring all our ideas together and work together creatively as a group.”


Click on the gallery below for a selection of pictures.

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