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Year 12 Camp

9th October 23

At the start of the Autumn Term, Year 12 left for their cohort camp in Essex. A fantastic time was had by all and one Year 12 student recounts their experience:

“It’s safe to say that the Year 12 camp exceeded everyone’s expectations. For three days, we genuinely got a lot done: problem-solving exercises, archery, cycling through the local area, catching crabs on the boats of Mersea Island and climbing and braving the ‘Leap of Faith’. We also had packed evenings as we got involved with collecting wood for a musical bonfire, watching childhood movies and whispered conversations before bed. We all really enjoyed our time together away from the school environment.

The entire experience was wholesome and such an effective way for everyone to collaborate and bond on another level. It truly contributed to a growing feeling of community and belonging, which we were all very grateful for.

The coach trip was so memorable, with rave music playing throughout the entire journey and all of us playing group games on our phones. There were so many lasting memories, including our time playing table tennis whenever there was an opportunity, having conversations with new friends, discussing random topics for fun and listening to improvised scary stories at night, all huddled around a touch and laughing until our stomachs hurt.

However, my personal favourite moments during the trip was the bonfire on our second night. Everyone was laughing, swaying, humming and singing to the music being strummed from a guitar by one of the teachers as we clasped donuts in our hands. When you looked up, you could see glittering stars across the sky, which was such a beautiful thing to see compared to the often cloudy skies of London.

From start to finish, the Year 12 camp was undoubtedly one for the books.”

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