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Namibia Trip 2023

3rd October 23

During the 2023 Summer Term, a group of staff and Year 11 students went on a unique trip to Namibia for two weeks. This amazing opportunity involved volunteering at a school in Anixab, having close encounters with elephants and being fully immersed in the landscape through walks and hikes.

Year 12 student, Rosalind, wrote about her experiences on the trip:

“The chance to go on the Namibia trip is one I will be forever grateful for. Whilst it was nerve-wracking going into an experience that I knew would be so different from anything I have ever done before, the fear quickly faded and was replaced by pure excitement at the opportunity given to me. Flying into Walvis Bay was something truly spectacular, the landscape was so barren and yet so beautiful. The drive to our camp, on the banks of the Ugab River, was enjoyable, partially due to the amazing landscape (and an ostrich sighting), but mainly because of how wonderful the EHRA crew were. Their breadth of knowledge, unending patience, and genuine love for their job created such a wonderful atmosphere for the entirety of the trip.

In our first week, we were incredibly lucky to stay a 20-minute walk from the Abraham Gariseb School and had a large number of elephants come right up to our camp – they inspected the tents and even walked into the camp three days in a row while we were at the school. It was an incredibly surreal experience seeing the animals close. We repainted the girls’ dorm rooms and, even in such a short span of time, we grew close with several of the kids at the school. Saying goodbye was a very tearful event and I still wear a bracelet one of the girls made for me whilst we made pet rocks together.

Students working at the school:

The second week was when we got to see so much more of the beautiful country that Namibia is and we learnt so many new skills both in terms of being able to direct ourselves in the desert and working together as a team. Our final walk may not have gone exactly to plan, but the satisfaction of making it to base camp, knowing that all of our work over the past week learning how to navigate and take care of ourselves, was indescribable.

Out and about in the Namibian desert:

Of course, an honourable mention to KAS staff Chris and Leon for coming with us on this trip, we couldn’t have asked for a better pair, even if we had to suffer through Leon’s intense sarcasm and bad jokes.

The best parts of the trip were all of the small moments as we sat talking around the fire, or stood in shared awe as we watched elephants plod past all around us, the laughter as we played with the kids and the conversations as we walked through Namibia’s astounding desert. Those were the moments that made me truly appreciate how lucky I was to be there, they made the trip for me. Although I have attempted to, I don’t think words can ever completely describe how magical the Namibia trip was, but I just know the memory of this trip will stay with me forever.”

Base camp:

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