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Exploring San Sebastian

8th September 23

At the end of the Summer Term, 23 Year 10 students and 1 Year 12 student embarked on the annual Spanish trip, accompanied by Ander, Nuray and Camilla, to enrich their Spanish language skills and explore the vibrant culture of San Sebastian.

The main goal was for students to improve Spanish fluency and cultural knowledge, and they did so through daily language courses, cultural activities and staying with local families. The trip wasn’t all about studying, though! Our students had an amazing time catching waves during their surfing lessons, with the stunning coastal backdrop adding to the thrill.

For those students who preferred land-based activities, a bike tour around the town offered a fantastic way to explore San Sebastian’s picturesque streets and historic sites. A pintxos tour allowed the group to savour the flavours of Basque cuisine and learn about the art of tapas/pintxo preparation. The visit to the local aquarium deepened our understanding of marine life and the importance of ocean conservation. Exploring an island off the coast was an educational adventure that left a lasting impression on our students.

Lucy in Year 12 wrote about her own experiences of the trip in Spanish, which was kindly translated by Camilla:

Dado que era la única estudiante de mi edad que iba a San Sebastián, al principio admito que estaba un poco escéptico sobre si debería ir o no. Sin embargo, este viaje superó todas de mis expectativas y es uno de mis viajes escolares favoritos hasta ahora. La ciudad era muy bonita y la libertad que teníamos para explorar me ayudó a aumentar enormemente mi español hablado; me permitió practicar mi fluidez de una manera muy divertida e inmersiva. Tuve la oportunidad de pedir mis propios pintxos, vincularme con mi familia de acogida y experimentar la vida en El País Vasco. ¡Fue realmente un viaje increíble y forma una parte integral de mi viaje en el estudio de idiomas!  

Since I was the only student in Year 12 going to San Sebastián, at first, I admit I was a little sceptical about whether I should go or not. However, this trip exceeded all of my expectations and is one of my favourite school trips so far. The city was very beautiful and the freedom we had to explore helped me greatly strengthen my spoken Spanish; it allowed me to practice my fluency in a very fun and immersive way. I had the opportunity to order my own pintxos, bond with my host family, and experience life in the Basque Country. It was truly an amazing trip and forms an integral part of my journey in the study of languages!

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