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Congratulations to our GCSE students

24th August 23

Year 11 students from The King Alfred School braved the rain today to collect their GCSE results. The School, which celebrated it’s 125th anniversary this year, prides itself on providing excellent education for all students without undue pressure.

Robert Lobatto, The King Alfred School Head, said

“King Alfred School students once again deserve great credit for taking on the challenge of GCSEs and proving themselves to be more than a match for them.

It is our belief that GCSEs should be reformed to better serve students and wider society, and we have taken the first step towards this by offering our own School Directed Courses (SDCs) which run alongside the traditional offerings. Notwithstanding this, it is fantastic to see what our young people have achieved within the current system, and this group should be rightly proud of their results.”

The results show the strength of all the Departments across the school with students achieving the top grade, 9, in subjects including Biology, History, Physics, Classical Civilisation, Photography, Design Technology, French and Music.

Max opening the results envelope

Max was pleased with the contents of his envelope saying; “I have really enjoyed GCSEs and I’m pleased with my results which are all 7s, 8s and 9s. I’m looking forward to staying and studying A levels in History, Chemistry and Design Technology here at KAS. I love this school, the teachers are always there to answer my questions and they make the learning fun.”

Lilian and Lois with their results

Student Lilian shared her thoughts, saying; “With the grade boundaries going up I thought today would be awful, but being at KAS has helped. The small class sizes mean you feel more comfortable asking teachers for support if you’re struggling, and with GCSEs being so fast paced, that’s been really helpful. I’ve been so happy here and it’s given me all the skills I need to take forward into Sixth Form.”

Another smiling student was Moss who said; “I’m so happy and I know I wouldn’t have done so well without the help of my teachers, they’ve been so supportive.”

Many students will be returning to KAS for A levels in a couple of weeks where they can look forward to small class sizes and individualised learning. Just last week, King Alfred’s Sixth Formers once again recorded impressive A level results, with over half of all grades at A*-A.

Teacher Judith with Rosalind

Rosalind is one of the many students who will be returning after achieving a grade 6, five 7s, three 8s and a 9: “I’m feeling happy with my results. I’ve been at KAS since Year 6 and I’m looking forward to staying for Sixth Form to study History, Classics, Latin and English.”

Liv, Lily Rae And Ivy
Georgia and Daisy
Jake and Wilson

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