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London School Film Competition

27th March 23

Students accepting awards at London School Film Awards

Congratulations to film student Flame who graduated from KAS last year. She scored a massive success at the first London School Film Awards recently!

Schools had the opportunity to enter one film, and Nuray Jemil, Head of our Film Department chose to submit Flame’s A level film from 2022, Scared to Death. 

Scared To Death film poster

The film swept up 6 out of 12 awards including Best Director, Judges’ Favourite Film, Best Costume, Best Sound, Best Adult Actor, and Best Director of Photography.

Flame’s film was particularly praised by the judges for its economical storytelling, cinematography, editing and sound. Nuray said “Editing and sound are two areas that young filmmakers usually find challenging. Here at KAS we work very hard at this in the post production period of our coursework. Students are hidden away in the editing room for months on end. It’s no wonder that editing is referred to as the ‘invisible art of film’.”

Many of the other schools don’t offer Film A levels and so their students had made films as part of an enrichment programme or in their own time. We are so lucky to have a dedicated Film Department which gives our students the time to develop their craft.

KAS was represented at the event by our Head of Sixth Form, Takako, Head of Film ,Nuray and six of our current A level Film students – Lili, Bertie, Tom, Alma, Luko and Ralph, who received the awards on Flame’s behalf.

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