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Bringing Science To Life

21st March 23

Science week demonstration

British Science Week is a ten-day event dedicated to engaging with science, technology, engineering and maths. At KAS, we had an action-packed week of experiments and scientist visits to celebrate our love of science.

Year 8 students were treated to a visit from Zoolab. Our students got to handle some of the animals Hannah from Zoolab brought in, including a giant African land snail, a tree frog, a tarantula and a corn snake. Hannah spoke to our students about the adaptations of these animals and how environmental changes have impacted their survival.

Students reacting to a snake

Sixth Form scientists went to talks hosted by Education In Action on their chosen subjects. The sessions, held at the Emmanuel Centre, featured talks by renowned scientists and included special session on revision and exam success.

In Lower School, Year 2 – 5 students were thoroughly entertained by our visiting scientist Keith from Science Boffins. Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will enjoy the same visit after the holidays.

Alongside scientist visits, the Lower school ran a Science Expo. Students brought in some fantastic experiments to excite, inform and inspire one another. We were so impressed by their ability to explain the scientific concepts and processes behind their experiments.

Student at Science Expo

It was incredible to see so many students getting excited and passionate about science throughout the week. Take a look at the photos below of some of our favourite moments from the week.

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