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UAL Are Learning How To Sing… With Style

7th February 23

One of the most popular aspects of our UAL course is our workshops run by external performers.

We love giving our students the opportunity to learn from experts and deep dive into every aspect of the performing arts industry.

Today, actor Sam Spiro came in to give a workshop to our UAL class on how to express characterization and make precise choices when singing.



She told us she teaches our students all about “finding a journey through a song, being very specific on your motivations, and making choice making really clever choices and precise choices. Because it’s easy to just sing a song, but what story are you trying to tell?”

We’re so grateful for all the effort and care she puts into her workshops and incredibly proud of the feedback she gave us on our performers.

She told us “I love seeing your students throughout the school and then coming in and working with them. They all have so much passion. It’s so fascinating watching the journey that they go on over the two years. There’s a shyness about them and they come into UAL and by the time I come in, they’ve grown. One of the things that is so impressive is that they’re really able to perform in front of each other, which says there’s a really good group dynamic because at that age, that can be really nerve-wracking.”

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