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Abstract Fashion for Year 9

7th February 23

Year 9 students took a day off timetable in January to fully immerse themselves in a creative project with the Art Department.

Teacher Nic explained to us how the project worked. “We started by looking at examples of famous abstract artists and we talked about the themes we saw there. There were lots of bold colours, strong geometric shapes and straight lines. We wanted the students to take those ideas and create three dimensional, wearable sculptures so we also looked at some fashion designers for inspiration.”

Students spent the first session sketching their ideas and expanding on the elements of the inspiration materials they most liked. Then in groups they picked the best elements and got to work making their two dimensional drawings into three dimensional reality.

“They are trying things out and learning as they are doing and transposing their ideas from one medium to another and it all comes together in a quite unusual and beautiful way.”

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