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The Addams Family

4th January 23

The Addams Family King Alfred School Upper School production students dancing

Students from Years 10-13 had a ghoulishly good time putting on an incredible show. We gathered a few thoughts from the cast.

Lilli played Morticia Addams: “She was a tough character to play because she’s funny but quite held back so the comedy comes from her contrast with the more over the top characters. My highlight was jumping into people’s arms during ‘Death Is Round The Corner.’ I was worried about doing it but it was so fun.”

Lola played The Duchess Ancestor: “My high point was the second night because the  crowd was so good and everyone clearly enjoyed it and I loved that vibe. Everyone was clicking along and laughing which made you feel good about going on.”

Jacob played Gomez Addams: “I liked getting out of my comfort zone and learning how to tango.”

Anoushka played Ballerina Ancestor: “This production pushed me out of my comfort zone as I’m not used to channelling my darker side—it was really fun to do.”

Ellie played Wednesday: “When this show was first announced we weren’t sure about it, but it turned out great. The costumes were amazing but I am never wearing a wig again! Itchy!”

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