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Speaking Spanish in Salamanca

15th September 22

After two years with no foreign trips for our Year 10 and Year 12 language students it was great to be able to travel to Spain at the end of July in order to practice speaking Spanish in the country itself. There were a whole host of challenges which the group overcame and the whole experience was enriching, enjoyable and enabled all students to improve their language skills, immerse themselves in the local culture as well as building character and social and emotional skills.

Students participated in lessons on a daily basis from 9am – 1pm and after lunch there were numerous activities which included visiting the outdoor local pool (temperatures during the whole trip reached 40 degrees and above!), tours at the Cathedral, the University of Salamanca, the town and a tapas tour. Students weren’t only great at learning the language, they also impressed during the Salsa lesson and the teacher commented on how quickly they picked up the routine!

Due to our flight back being cancelled at the last minute, some of the pupils also experienced an extra night and day in Madrid. Time was not wasted though as we visited La Plaza Mayor, the main Cathedral, the Royal Palace and had dinner in the centre of the city using all the language skills we’d been honing all week!

Many thanks to Alex and Fiona who went above and beyond during the trip. The pupils were exemplary and we look forward to going to Spain again with next year’s Yr 10 and 12 cohort!

Camilla Parsons, Head of MFL

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