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Talking Shakespeare With Year 7

6th May 22

ISA Shakespeare Monologues

Our Year 7 students aced the ISA Shakespeare Monologue competition!

There were two categories – Learnt Monologue and Original Monologue where students were tasked with writing their own speech based on a character from a Shakespeare play.

Huge congratulations to Polly K who came FIRST in the KS3 Original Monologue category:

The judges said:

First Place: A very strong and engaging Lady Macbeth, which resonates both power and distress. Sensitive and compelling, an evocative performance and speech.

Maisie B received a special commendation also for an Original Monologue which she based on the character Juliet:

The judges said:

Highly Commended: a very witty and charming take on Romeo and Juliet. I love the scepticism and the satire and the performance is terrific.

Head of Drama, Lucy Hall worked with the students to help them prepare their monologues and said, “it was lovely to see the enthusiasm and effort which the Year 7 students put into their performances.”

Here is a bonus video of another great performance from Alia who’s hard work deserves recognition. She performed a piece from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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