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KAS Rated ‘Excellent’ In All Areas By ISI Inspectors

25th April 22

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We are delighted to announce that following a recent inspection by the ISI both the quality of pupils’ achievement, and their personal development, were judged to be excellent, which is the highest possible level.

Head, Robert Lobatto said: “I am delighted to say that the Inspectors found KAS to be a unique and special place. Exceptionally, they determined that we deliver on academic excellence whilst nurturing confident, balanced, and compassionate young people, all within a culture based on freedom and mutual respect.”

You can read the full report here:

The academic side can be summed up by these 5 short extracts:

  • Pupils of all ages make rapid progress across the full range of subjects.
  • Pupils demonstrate an excellent knowledge of their subjects.
  • They are highly articulate and participate enthusiastically in their lessons.
  • Pupils display excellent study skills. They have high aspirations and are strongly motivated to succeed.
  • Pupils demonstrate excellent attitudes towards their learning. They work independently and collaboratively with energy and purpose.

Meanwhile, these 5 quotes characterise personal development:

  • Pupils display very high levels of self-confidence in their academic studies and in their lives beyond the classroom, fully in keeping with the school’s aims
  • Pupils are extremely socially aware and show an excellent understanding of the importance of helping others.
  • They are mature and welcoming, readily accepting the worth of every individual in their community.
  • Pupils participate in all aspects of school life with whole-hearted enjoyment, set themselves challenging targets and persevere until they are successful
  • Pupils have an outstanding sense of right and wrong. They respond well to the school’s system of restorative justice and demonstrate excellent behaviour within and outside the classroom.

The report is complimentary about the way the school nurtures both the achievement and the personal development:

  • Pupils are inspired and challenged in their learning by the passion teachers have for their subjects.
  • They are supported by a carefully structured curriculum, which allows work in the upper school to build on the learning that has taken place in the lower school
  • These excellent study skills are fostered by an informal style of teaching which encourages active pupil participation and independence of thought
  • Pupils are appreciative of the support they receive for their emotional health from the pastoral team. Their confidence reflects the excellent relationship that exists between pupils and those who care for them.
  • Pupils of all ages demonstrate an intrinsic motivation towards their work and towards their contribution to the extracurricular life of the school, and this comes from the high expectations of their teachers and from the school’s culture of mutual respect.

Perhaps it is best summed up by the observation that pupils are ‘extremely proud of their school’.

We hope you enjoy reading the report, it contains wonderful examples of the day to day achievements of staff and students which the inspectors saw. In the oral feedback, we were treated to many more of these, but due to their word limit, only a fraction could be included.

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