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Year 11 Graduation and Prom 2021

21st June 21

The never-ending assessment period was over, the sun had come out and it was time to say goodbye to our intrepid Y11 students who have had a turbulent last couple of years as they completed their GCSEs under the additional pressures brought by Covid-19.

The day started with an outdoor Graduation Ceremony in the Amphitheatre. With parents in socially-distanced attendance, Form Tutors reminisced about their tutees and speeches were given.

Student Jacob said: “There was a very lovely atmosphere. I’ve only been here since Year 10, but for a lot of the people who have been here since they were four, it was the end of an era. It must have been incredible for them but even I felt emotional.”

One of those students who has been at the school since Reception was Bertie who gave a heartfelt and funny speech, here are a couple of extracts:

“Now for the first time ever I’ll be saying goodbye to some of those people, friends who have stuck with me for a decade and more. I’ll be asking “what lesson is next period?”, “What did you get in that test?” for the last time. But with this change also comes excitement for the future, and how we now get to focus on what we enjoy doing.”

“I’m not gonna find it hard to tell you how excited I am to be focusing on learning what I love to do. And how glad I am to be dropping maths! I am just as confident in my friends who, whether they are leaving KAS or not, can now focus on what  interests them the most. We can all be a little closer to the people we want to be in the future.”

We can all be a little closer to the people we want to be in the future

“Although the thought of friends leaving is sad, people moving on so they can better study what they love, feels more like a natural step towards change than a full last goodbye.”

“I would like to thank you all, and my friends, for your determination and perseverance through this year and previous years, teachers and form tutors, who have guided us throughout our time at KAS. and parents for their support (like driving us everywhere).”

Students headed home to get changed for the evening’s Prom, held in the Main Hall and presided over by resident DJ Pat! Jacob said: “Seeing everyone dressed up was fun and we were able to say bye to our teachers and those friends who are leaving KAS. It was a mixture of sad and really fun.”

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