Upper School Choice - chess

Here’s Looking At You, Kids!

25th May 21

students performing in school film

Missed the premier of our Upper School Show? You can enjoy the whole show right here.

On Friday 21st May the cast and crew gathered in the Phoenix Theatre for a red carpet event and to watch the film together. Because of Covid restrictions all filming had been done in Year Group bubbles and so the premier gave everyone a chance to (finally) see the other performances.

Lucy Hall, Head of Drama said of the night; “It was so nice to come together and to see our students celebrating each others hard work and applauding the wonderful performances. We hosted a mini-version of the Baftas (lets call it the Kaftas!) to highlight some standout moments from the filming. French teacher Pauline won for her stunning costume design and Tilly in Y10 deserved an award after she gave a faultless performance despite getting drenched in ‘Singing in the Rain’. We also celebrated our Y13 students, for whom this will the the last of many shows they’ve taken part in over the years. With Y12 students Harriet and Talitha acting as our very own Tina Fey and Amy Poehler it was a great way to congratulate our cast and crew.”

One of the performers, Sal, said: “Because we didn’t get to film together it was great to be able to watch it together as a group. Everyone was singing along to each others songs and it was a really great atmosphere.”

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