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Children’s Mental Health Week

1st February 21

Poster promoting Children's Mental Health Week

Our child-centered approach means that we always put the wellbeing of our pupils at the top of the priority list. This week we’re focusing on mental health and wellbeing with our students looking at ways to care for yourself and others.

Fiona Parsons, Assistant Head – Personal Development and Wellbeing is co-ordinating activities in the Upper School, she said: “As teachers we’re very aware that looking after students mental health is an important part of education. Lockdown is hard on everyone and here at KAS we wanted to dedicate this week to young people’s mental health. With inspirational speakers and members of the KAS community sharing how they look after their own mental wellbeing, alongside our usual Pastoral provision, we want our students and staff to know we are all here for each other.”

Head, Robert Lobatto said: “We know from the results of our Upper School student survey that lockdown is not easy. While some students are thriving, others are finding it challenging to be away from their friends, their teachers and their school. We hope that the series of special callovers and talks from external experts, including our parent talk next Thursday evening, will give everyone sustenance, strategies and optimism.”

“Our pastoral team continue to run their programme of wellbeing initiatives and student support, and our school counsellor Tracey is available for students to talk to, so no student should feel they have to deal with things alone. It is at times like this that we appreciate the power of our community, and the support we can offer to each other.”

In Lower School teachers will be including lessons around the themes of Gratitude, Resilience and Kindness. Daisy in Y2 created this beautiful gratitude tree last week.

While we are spending some extra time thinking about self care this week – our pastoral provision is always there looking after students and staff.

School counsellor Tracy is always on hand to offer students and staff a friendly ear and we have KAS Peer Listeners who are trained as mentors and anti-bullying ambassadors who also offer one to one peer mentoring.

Students have regular check-ins with form teachers and Heads of Year in Upper School and in Lower School students are in daily contact with their teachers and teaching assistants who can support them.

Here is Claire Murphy, Head of Years 8&9, PE Teacher and Mum to school dog Alfie talking about the healing power of pets:

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