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Let’s make up

18th January 21

Student hair style applied

Back in October with students in school and in bubbles, Sixth Form students studying the UAL Performing Arts Diploma and those doing Theatre Studies were able to take part in a stage and screen makeup workshop as part of their courses. It happened to coincide with our regular photographer Emma Ziff popping in for the day, so we were able to capture some fantastic images.

Y13 student Leah told us about the day:

“Wayne Fitzsimmons and his partner Sarah Hewitt ran the makeup workshop. We learnt to create pin-curls by sectioning the hair and securing the sections into small curls with bobby pins before applying the wig cap over the head once the pin-curls have been set in place. Only then do you apply the wig itself.

Wayne then showed us how to create old-age makeup using light and dark shades to create visual wrinkles and enhance natural lines, it was really interesting!

We then paired up to practice different makeup looks on each other. I turned Parker into Marilyn Monroe by curling her hair with hot irons and wands, guided by Sarah because she specialises in hair and wigs. I achieved the classic 50s bombshell makeup by doing the luscious red lips, beauty spot, arched eyebrows and winged eyeliner along with shimmer to make the eyes pop.

After doing Parker’s makeup, I had a go at casualty makeup on Talitha using a bruise wheel palette to create a black eye look on her.

I found this workshop really helpful as it taught me how to do hair techniques which I didn’t know before as well as small techniques to create important details.”

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