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Cooking Historical Christmas Cakes

14th January 21

Christmas cakes with snowmen

Before the Winter break Y10 students taking part in cooking as their Choice activity were cooking up a festive storm. In fact they were continuing a KAS tradition — they just didn’t know it!

“Apparently making Christmas Cakes is an old KAS tradition, I discovered this when I was about to bake the Y10’s cakes and LS teacher, Josie, told me that many years ago LS students used to bake cakes at Christmas to take home for their families.

Cakes all ready to go into the oven

Each week I was nervous we might not be able to finish the cakes should Y10 be sent home but, thankfully, that never happened. Making the cakes took a few weeks as they had to be baked, then covered in marzipan and finally covered in handmade Royal Icing and decorated.

Baked and ready to be decorated!
Marzipan on

All the decorations were handmade meringues and I think they each did an amazing job, I especially love the snowmen!

I hope the families enjoyed the cakes, I cannot wait to get those ovens fired up when we return to school to make more treats you can share!”

The finished cakes in all their glory

Claire Rasul

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