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A level Photography Masterclasses

5th January 21

Collage of a woman and breakfast foods for A Level photography masterclass

The photography department had the delight of welcoming Glen Erler to the school last month and had a chance to hear him speak about his work during a Q&A with Head of Photography, Cliff.

Glen spoke about his upbringing in California and his project and book ‘Family Tree’ which revisits his family environment and significant places and events of his and his families lives from births to deaths, celebrations to accidents. Each of his images is beautifully lit and poignantly framed.

Glen Erler From ‘Family Tree’

Students in Year 12 then made a response to his work, some examples of which are shown here.

A level photography students have also been working closely with photographer Miles Aldridge to create a series of works inspired by a unique brief he created for them.

The brief was to analyse a painting from The National Gallery, to make a response to the chosen work and to add a contemporary domestic element to their work.

They then had to evaluate, deconstruct and rebuild their work, pushing the working process as far and as wide as possible, by exploring as many different mediums as possible. From analogue to digital, experimenting with painting, drawing, moving image and more.

The students had the opportunity to visit Miles’ studio in March last year, just before lockdown, and again in September, where he spoke to them about his work and showed them around his studio space.

Miles Aldridge ‘Like A Painting #3’

It was fantastic to see the behind the scenes at just how much goes into each photograph. Miles also generously donated a handful of books of his work to the Department, which have been very useful and inspiring for the students.

A display of some of the initial photomontages made in response to the brief is currently on show in the Photography Department corridor.

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