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Pizza and Physics Evening for Y11

26th November 20

Students sitting in a classroom

On Friday 20th November the Science Department hosted a Physics Lecture and Pizza evening for the Year 11 triple scientists.

Oxford University are broadcasting their public lectures virtually this year so students gathered in their bubble to watch a lecture given by renowned physicist and author, Professor Michio Kaku. The lecture was entitled ‘Physics of the Impossible Revisited’.

He talked about teleportation, time machines, force fields and interstellar spaceships, discussing the scientific history and what our current understanding of the Universe’s physical laws may permit in the near and distant future.

Science teacher Laura said: “The students really enjoyed the evening and it was a great opportunity for some stretch and challenge for those students who chose to study triple science at GCSE and for some other interested Year 11 students. The lecture was engaging and prompted some interesting discussions afterwards about the consequences of being able to download memories.”

“With trips being so tricky in the current circumstances, it was nice to be able to do something extra around the curriculum.”

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