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Life in the Upper School – Welcoming our new Year 7 students

9th July 20

Video still of a teacher

We would normally organise a transition day for the Year 6 students who are moving from Lower School to Upper School and for those students who are entering the school at Year 7 – this year we haven’t been able to do that.

Instead of touring their new world of classrooms, form rooms, labs, studios and workshops in person, students can now do it virtually. The teachers have put together a brilliant ‘welcome to the Upper School’ video, introduced by Adam, Head of Year 7 and Transition, it covers all the different subjects and teachers and gives a taste of what students can look forward to learning in September. It also features a tour of the school from current Y7 students Eva and Erin.

Its long – and features a LOT of lockdown hair – but if you want to know how great our teachers are, you can see it in every frame!

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