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Making the Unreal, Real – Y8 Photographing Nature

17th June 20

Year 8 photographing nature homework

Our Year 8 artists have been inspired by Karl Blossfeldt and Joan Fontcuberta for their recent KAS Connected Learning project. 

They looked at the work of Karl Blossfeldt who was a scientist photographing flowers and natural forms in a detached, seemingly scientific way. His images have influenced artists since the 30’s because of how unusual and strange these natural forms appear. The use of black and white film added to their uncanny  strangeness.  

Joan Fontcuberta is interested in the ‘truth’ of the photographic image. Growing up under the rule of Franco in Spain, he is highly questioning of our relationship with photography. In homage to Blossfeldt, he created ‘flowers’ out of objects he found in his recycling bin. 

The students were asked recreate a natural form, similar to how Fontcuberta worked, and then photograph it in the style of Blossfedlt. The beautiful black and white images have a haunting quality and will make you look twice. 

Scroll through this gallery to see their work:

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