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Year 7 students are
on a Crusade

7th May 20

Poster encouraging people to join the crusades

Students in 7A have been studying the Crusades from their KASConnected classrooms at home. They discussed why some people would choose to go on a Crusade and the students designed recruitment posters using some of the techniques they had seen in First World War propaganda posters.

Then the students looked at some source material which gave them some idea of what the long journey to get to the fighting would have been like. They looked at some romantic poetry written by a knight for his wife and some beautiful pieces of artwork from the time.

The students then independently crafted a piece of imaginative writing, as if they were a knight, writing home to his wife about his travels so far.

The students were then able to self assess this work according to success criteria which are a key part of the KASConnected Learning. Here are some examples of the letters they produced:

Crusades Letter Jimmy

Crusades Letter Jesse

Crusaders Letter Tamara

All of this work was delivered through a combination of synchronous (interactive) and asynchronous (non-interactive and independent) lessons in Canvas. The students have adapted well to the challenges of online learning and their progress in the Crusades illustrate this. I look forward to seeing what more this wonderful group of students can do with their studies of the Crusades.

Penny Wild

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