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Monumental designs
make History

6th May 20

Fist sculpture holding a chain

Y8 students have been looking at the slave trade in their History lessons and designing monuments to remember those who suffered.

They were challenged to use materials from around their homes to build models of their designs. Some students then presented their work via video conference to designer and architect Thomas Heatherwick and Andrew Lawrence, a structural engineer from Arup.

Students, staff (and parents) found the session to be collaborative, helpful and fun so huge thanks goes to our two experts for giving up their time!

Andrew was impressed, saying: “Their imagination and thought was even more fine tuned than many professional designers would have come up with!”

Thomas said: “I really enjoyed collaborating with the students and got a real insight into their hearts and minds.”

Arthur’s plans:

India-Lily’s sketches of her design:

Tom’s model shows an auction site on top with a depiction of what it was like to be chained up in a boat underneath:

Lily Rae’s model depicted in front of the Houses of Parliament:

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