Upper School Choice - chess

Moving pictures

22nd April 20

Photograph portrait of a girl in black and white

Year 11 photography students were working towards exam projects when GCSEs were cancelled due to Covid-19.

Many of them have continued their projects and the moving results can be seen here.

Alana chose the theme, ‘Broken’. She looked at Wim Wender’s film ‘Pina’ about the choreographer Pina Bausch and made the film from her lockdown location in Oxfordshire. Head of Photography, Cliff said: “I find it very moving, on the one hand reflecting the dislocation of the current situation but on the other strong and defiant.” Alana filmed and choreographed the project herself.

Flame combined film and stop frame animation to illustrate her theme of ‘Personal Space’. She drew inspiration from the artists Dryden Goodwin who drew and scratched onto photographs of Londoners, the scratched lines representing an individual’s private thoughts as an aura. We went into lockdown while the work was being completed and in the current context these scratched ‘thought’ lines now take on the sense of a spreading virus.

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