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Message from Robert – thank you for week one

30th March 20

Robert Lobatto Head of The King Alfred School

Congratulations on being extraordinary during an extraordinary week.

The way everyone has adapted over the last five days is quite remarkable, and a real testament to who we are as a community.

We have received a huge amount of appreciation and gratitude from pupils and parents – many are in awe of how we have made so much progress in such a short space of time. Of course, there are still things to develop and resolve, but this has been an incredible week 1.

Of the many challenges over the last few days, one of the worst ones for me has been the realisation that I have to do a video message for parents. I guess it’s all about stepping outside one’s comfort zone. Here is my first update. I will be uploading new messages each week to keep you informed as we navigate these unprecedented waters.

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