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Refurbished Orchard Room gets things cooking

4th February 20

Lower School students baking

During the last school year, our dedicated Parent/Staff volunteers organised multiple fun, fundraising events across the school, from selling spoons to KAStonbury and full-on fireworks displays.

The results of their hard work can now be seen in the form of the all new Orchard Room. Situated within the Fives Building in Lower School, the space which was previously a basic classroom with one oven, has had a wonderful makeover, turning it into a multi-station cookery room.

Lower School students spent a day baking up a range of fabulous treats using the new equipment, to thank the Parent/Staff for their fundraising efforts. Liz, current chair of Parent/Staff said: “We wanted to fund a room which would enable students to learn about making healthy choices and to get hands-on making their own food.” This ties in with the idea of Health Minds, Healthy Bodies which is promoted throughout the school.

It’s not just the Lower School who will benefit from the new resource. Sixth Form students have been learning basic cooking skills in Form Hour to equip them for Uni or leaving home.

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