Welcome to King Alfred School

    At the heart of King Alfred’s philosophy is our child-centred approach. This has been the practice here since the school first opened in 1898, and remains equally true today. We appreciate that every child is unique and has their own set of strengths, attributes and areas to develop. We are genuinely committed to understanding the individual, and providing the environment and support so that every child can thrive at school and beyond. This underpins our approach to learning inside and outside the classroom, to pastoral care and personal development, and the way we structure the school and the curriculum.

    At King Alfred, we make sure that every child is engaged and challenged in their learning. We are committed to nurturing a love of learning and a passion to continue education throughout their lives. For this to happen, we believe that learning needs to be active, creative and enjoyable. Passing examinations is important. However, we want our students to take them in their stride, and value their learning beyond the exam grade.

    Students will also experience the moral dimension of learning. Tolerance and integrity, respect and honesty are interwoven threads of the curriculum. We believe that our students should have a sound understanding of the world both near and far from home, that they should recognise the value of diversity and alternative views, and learn to be socially responsible 21st Century global citizens.

    Social and personal development is central. Young people are capable of incredible accomplishments and we want every King Alfred student to have a strong sense of confidence and self-belief. We want them to understand their responsibilities to others as well as their rights as individuals. And we want them to be able to work well with others as part of a team and as leaders both at school and beyond our gates. We support students to become emotionally resilient, compassionate to others and filled with an appetite for the possibilities of life.

    King Alfred is a unique environment. We are a school that starts from the first principles of what is right for the child. We are less hierarchical and more democratic than other schools as we believe this enables our students to develop into well-rounded, creative, enthusiastic and thoughtful individuals. Our approach means that young people are inspired to achieve their best, and have the tools to be happy, successful and fulfilled in their future lives.

    We have many generations of success behind us and a passionate commitment to what we do. We look forward to welcoming you to the King Alfred community.

    Robert Lobatto