Occasional places in Lower & Upper School

    Children can be apply for occasional place entry for most year groups, with the exception of Year 11 (halfway through GCSE) and Year 13 (halfway through A levels), as occasional places do become available. 

    When an application form is received the child’s name is added to the waiting list. Waiting lists are carried over into subsequent years.  Parents are asked to send in a recent school report and to fill in a parent information form (see below).

    If an occasional vacancy arises the next child on the waiting list will be contacted and invited into the school for a visit.  The visits will vary in length from half a day to two days, depending on the age of the child. During the visit the child will be with the class where there is a space and during this time they will also complete assessments set by the school, and in Upper School have a pastoral interview.

    Parents will be invited in to meet with the Head of Lower or Upper School, as appropriate. 

    After the visit the school will decide whether to make a firm offer of a place.

    Click below to apply for an occasional place.  (Please have your child's most recent school report (and any health or other educational reports available, as you will be asked to upload them while filling in the form).