ISI Inspection

    Independent Schools Inspectorate - Report on The King Alfred School - 2014

    The Independent Schools Inspectorate conducted an inspection of the school during a four day period between 28 - 31 January 2014.

    In addition to observing over 100 lessons during this period, inspectors conducted formal interviews with pupils and examined their work. They held discussions with senior staff, with Council and KASS members, observed extra-curricular activities and attended registrations and Callovers.  Pre-inspection questionnaires, completed by parents and pupils, were analysed and inspectors also examined regulatory documents.

    Within the ISI report that followed, inspectors gave a high number of ‘excellent’ judgements and many of the ‘good’ grades were close to excellent. These judgements covered the following categories: pupils’ achievements, pupils’ personal development and the school’s leadership and management. What is very clear is that the school’s core values are effectively embedded within the school’s practice and this was noted throughout by the inspectors.

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