Students studying under Squirrel Hall

Liam Michaels

Liam Michaels

First Elected/ Appointed: 2019

Profession: Cocktail Bartender/Documentary Researcher

About: I left KAS in 2015 after spending 7 years at the school. My interest in the Council began as a student, and spurred on by my membership of the School Six student body during Sixth Form, I applied to join in 2019. I’m looking forward to working with the Council on maintaining and developing the exceptional, progressive education I received when I was a student, promoting and upholding the valuable ethos of the school, and of course I’m desperate to help build the treehouse. I am currently studying a degree in Music at SOAS, where I am in my second year. The rest of my time is spent working as a cocktail bartender in a French Bar, where I’m trying to learn the language.

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