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Harry Wingate

Harry Wingate

First Elected/ Appointed: 2020

Profession: Company Director and Industrial Designer

About: I am a former student of KAS having been part of the first intake of students into Ivy Wood Reception in 2003. I left the school after my A levels in 2017 to take a degree in Product Design at Central St. Martin’s where I am now in my final year. Whilst at KAS, I was very involved in all aspects of the school, highlights of which included being elected to School Six and representing the school in the European Youth Parliament. I would now like to bring the benefits of my journey through KAS and further education to Council. For example, I am keen to explore how communication between the students, teachers and management can better integrate with the school’s guiding principles—we need to maintain the school’s traditional approach to bridges being safer than walls. I am also keen to look at the idea of developing further commitment from the KAS community to providing bursaries to those children and families who would not otherwise be able to attend the school – which in time might allow for greater diversity within the student body. The role of Council is to both carry and enhance the school’s founding principles through to the next generation – of which I am part – whilst also embracing the change.

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