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KAS Academic Lecture Series 2017-18, Autumn Line Up

11th September 17

We are pleased to announce an exciting Autumn line up for the KAS Academic Lecture Series 2017-18. Local MP Mike Freer will open the Autumn season with a talk entitled “How I Became an MP: A Life in Politics with Your Local MP.” This talk is sure to appeal to our sixth form students who share an interest in politics and helping their community.

Other speakers this term include Sue and Patrick Cunningham of Tribes Alive, Hollaback London, Cryptology expert Prof Keith Martin, Author Jamie Bartlett, and Landmark Trust Director and Historian Dr Anna Keay.

The talks are organised as part of Sixth Form Enrichment and aim to introduce students to a broad range of ideas off the curriculum. They take place fortnightly on Monday mornings, 10:10-11:00 in the Phoenix Theatre or Main Hall. Students, staff, parents and members of the KAS community are welcome to attend. To reserve a place, contact sheilah@kingalfred.org.uk.

Interested in becoming a KAS Academic Lecturer? Contact Sheila to find out more about lecturing at KAS or to volunteer a talk.

A PDF of the KAS Academic Lecture Series for Autumn 2017-18 can be downloaded here.

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