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Year 8&9 Camp at Isthmus Cottage

9th July 17

The Year 8 and 9 2017 Isthmus Cottage camp was a real delight. Blessed with gorgeous sunny weather with an ever slight breeze, we spent time on the beach, playing cards and Scrabble, painting, drawing, swimming long distances across the lake, fixing an abandoned kayak (and sailing it with success) and most importantly, we enjoyed making new friends.

For those of you who haven’t had the luck to visit Isthmus before, it is a cottage with 2 dorms and several other bedrooms for the teachers, as well as a lounge space, equipped with a kitchen. Amazingly the cottage has a huge deck which juts out directly on to our own beach, on the shore of Derwent Water Lake. We spent our days involved in outdoor activities like canoeing, and we even canoed past our own cottage, as well as engaging in relay races, where we had to stand up in the canoe and change places. Eventually a few of us capsized and fell in, but laughed throughout. In the afternoon we spent time on a high ropes course. Despite the considerable amount of midges that bit many of us heartily, the rope course was thrilling and challenging, especially the Tarzan Jump, which was exactly as you imagine from the description – swinging across a river to get to the platform on the other side.

The highlight of Isthmus was our hiking day up Cat Bells. On Wednesday morning, we left the cottage and took the boat across the Lake to start the hike. We loved walking, and appreciated the great views and sense of achievement. Although it was hard at some points, and we had to climb/scramble, (and it was really hot), it was especially rewarding when you got to the top. We walked together mostly, some of us ran ahead, and we were delighted to reach the end and tuck in to some lunch and snacks at the waterfall. It was steep and rocky, and the weather was hot – but it was pretty magnificent to see the Lake District from such a height. And as always, especially fun to do it together.

Food has been delicious and nutritious! We have certainly eaten well and we came prepared with lists of ingredients that we bought in the supermarket on Monday afternoon. It’s always a giggle to see the challenges that going to the supermarket brings – from estimating amounts and figuring out costs

Overall, our group bonded with such amusement and fun and together created a spirit of joy, conversation, and fun. We played some great games together, and especially enjoyed the Truman Show Movie Night, and the time in Keswick, mooching and buying fudge for our parents. It was a great opportunity for Years 8 and 9 to really get to know each other in a beautiful and peaceful setting.

Emma, History

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