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Rounders England: A Great Day Out and A Proud Teacher

9th July 17

I wanted to let you all know how proud I was of all the KAS rounders team in their final game of the season, Thursday 6 July. They played excellent rounders against some very competitive schools.

We came 2nd in our group to qualify through to the quarter finals, where we unfortunately lost to an exceptional team. They had a couple of England players and a fantastic bowler which cost us the game in the end. 

Despite losing this game the team came away with their heads held high, and with total appreciation of the skilful play from the opposition. They were totally focused throughout our games, and they all took on board the tactics discussed previously, and learnt from mistakes in an earlier game. The lovely thing about rounders is that there are so many different aspects to the game, which in turn allows everyone to achieve some form of success.

As we were leaving a member of staff from the event pulled my aside to tell me just how lovely all our students had been today, which is why I am always so willing to organise these trips for them! 

It was an absolute highlight of the whole year for me and a brilliant way to end my time here at KAS! 

Thanks to everyone who has played on and supported the KAS rounders teams over the years!

Sarah, PE


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