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Women in Physics: YR10 Science Visits Open Day at Imperial College London

2nd May 17

On Tuesday, 28th April, the Science Department took some of the Year 10 girls to The Women in Physics Open Day at Imperial College London.

This event was targeted at getting girls interested in physics, with a view to having a career as a physicist, or simply further study in physics. This is the second time we’ve taken King Alfred School students to this event and we’ll hopefully be continuing the tradition annually. 

Georgina, YR10 has written a brilliant summary of the trip below.

Peter, Science

Student Report: Women in Physics Day, Imperial College London

On the Tuesday the 28th of March, a group of excited female physicists attended the Women in Physics event, accompanied by Peter, at the Imperial College of London in Kensington. 

We’d all been looking forward to this event ever since the teachers told us that it was happening earlier in the year, all trying to hand in our forms before everyone else to get one of the limited spaces on the trip. 

The actual lecture itself was a very inspiring and informative event, not only in insightful knowledge from top female physicists but also seeing them speak as advocates for gender equality. We had several speakers, starting with Sarah Malik who told us about her career and how she was exploring further into the search for the substance of dark matter. Ruth Lawson, a graduate of Imperial, explained to us what she was doing in her field, working on creating new technologies in the area of Raman Spectroscopy.

We also had a talk from Marija Jankovic; she thrilled us with a lecture on how she is using computer modelling to gain understanding of how Earth and Super-Earth sized planets form in close vicinity to their host star. There were also a variety of demonstrations displaying different Physics phenomenon. 

The trip was overall incredibly informative and it made all of us consider how important physics was and how we as girls can be just as influential as boys. Thank you to Peter and all the Physics department for taking us to such an educational event!

Georgina, YR10

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