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Sixth Form and Crashpad Photo Project

5th April 17

Sixth Form students from The King Alfred School recently joined a group of young residents from Pilion Trust’s “Crash Pad” at Kings Cross to work on their ongoing collaborative photography project. Together, they are looking at the diverse ways through which young people in London find hope and inspiration.

At a time when the Government is cutting housing and council tax benefits for under twenty-one-year-olds, there are currently 10,000 homeless young people across the country. Since December, Crash Pad have welcomed seventy-three more young people into their services.

Lynne Sasson, KAS Action Co-ordinator said, “We were happy to host the young people at King Alfred last week. It was the third time we had met up and it was clear that the young adults were really becoming relaxed and confident with each other. They connected through music and conversation and most importantly made each other laugh. This project has allowed them to break down boundaries and preconceptions and see the world from a different perspective.”

A participating KAS Sixth Form student commented, “It was great to have a chance to work with some of the young people who are staying at the Crash Pad. We found we had far more in common that we had differences. Today we have been looking at the perspective of people sitting here who have nowhere else to go – their sight line and how they find hope in the midst of all that they are going through. We are all Londoners now and it was very inspiring to hear other people’s stories.”

The Crash Pad is a shelter for young people in crisis. Their collaboration with KAS Sixth Form students has been ongoing this year, and has had a meaningful impact on all participants.

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