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Happy Free The Children WE Day 2017

22nd March 17

An enthusiastic group of KAS students attended Free The Children We Day, Wednesday 22 March. The participants report on their meaningful and inspiring day out. Thanks to Jo and Ryan, Science for organising the trip.

Student WE Day Reports

On Wednesday 22nd of March 2017 The free the children group form KAS went to WE DAY. WE DAY is a festival about celebrating who we are as a society and how we can improve our functionality and help others in need.

WE DAY was amazing there was singing and dancing and lots of inspirational people talking and giving lectures, on the environment, homelessness and other things that could use some support and care so that we can eventually get rid of these awful things all together.

Previous WE DAY lecturers/ talkers have been Malala and Richard Branson but many other people have been to this event. To go to WE DAY you don’t buy a ticket you earn it by doing one local action and one global action.

Overall WE DAY was an amazing trip and I highly recommend trying to get involved in the free the children group at school in pal or whenever you can and then you too can come to WE DAY 2018 and help people all over the world.

Joseph, YR7

WE DAY is an event created and hosted by ‘Free the Children’. It has been going on for 10 years and is a much respected event. You cannot buy tickets to go to WE DAY, you have to earn them by doing a local act and a global act.

On the March 22nd, a group of King Alfred students went on a trip to experience WE DAY. We had an amazing time. We gathered at school at 7:45a.m. and took a bus to Finchley Rd station. We took a train to Wembley stadium and there we found our seats not knowing what to expect.

We watched lots of people talk about their life stories and campaigns, a couple of people recited poems they had written. In between the speakers there were a few singers come on a sing. The audience was very involved in WE DAY.

My favourite part was listening to Kate Winslet talk and Jessie J sing.

Emma, 7BE

On Wednesday 22nd of March a group of year 7s, 8s and year 12s went to the SSE Wembley Arena to watch the international yearly WE Day.

WE Day is held in Canada the USA and the UK every year. They had the likes of Jessie J, Connor Maynard and The Vamps performing songs, and a few people came and gave speeches who are the likes of Kate Winslet, Spencer West and Bruce Dickinson. It was a day full of Inspirational speeches, music and fun. 

Salvador, YR8

We day is a charity event that comes every year. WE Day is an event that you don’t have to buy tickets for but you earn them by doing a global charity action and a local action. WE Day has countless amounts of singers, celebrities and people that believe in what WE do. We Day is hosted every year in different countries. People that have done these acts come together and listen to inspirational speeches and listen to singers.

It was first hosted in 2007 which means it has been going on for 10 years. WE Day is a really good experience and you learn a lot.I really enjoyed WE Day and it was a really good experience. 

Lilly, YR7

We Day was a national event that is sponsored by Virgin Atlantic and Boots. It was originally named “Free the Children.”  It was founded by Craig Kielburger in, 1995. Since then it has been a Global act and has been around for 10years. It all started when Craig read a story in the newspaper about a boy who died working in a factory that tried to speak.

What I really enjoyed was going to Wembley for many reasons but my favourite reason was that we were all there because we wanted to make a change. It was really fun to be with my friends, hearing inspirational poems and listening to my favourite singers.   

The way to get the tickets are to do, one Global act and one Local act. Then you can get the tickets and go to Wembley. This year there were special guests, they were, Kate Winslet, Jessie J, The Vamps, and many more people.

Tally, YR7

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