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We Got the Beat: KAS Drumathon for Comic Relief

14th March 17

On Friday 24th March, KAS will hold our first ever Drumathon to fundraise for Comic Relief and Children in Need. Pat, Curriculum Support (shown above) will lead the event from a drum kit set up on the school field. Pat writes:

“I will be play my electronic drum kit (excellent volume control) for 5:5 hours non-stop to raise money for Red Nose Day and Children In Need. A stage will be set up by the log on the playing field. Thank you ever so much to everyone who has supported me on this so far, offered to help on the day or has sponsored me already. Like everyone else who attempts these tasks for charity, I truly appreciate it.”

Drumathon Details:

  • The Drumathon will be streamed “LIVE” on KAS Facebook
  • Time – 11:00AM until 4:30PM
  • You and students can select from over 400 songs for me to play along to. (Nirvana, ABBA, James Brown, Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Suite, Miles Davis, The Cure, Luther Vandross, Tom Waites, Tribe Called Quest, plus hundreds more artists!) …… once you donate £2 per person into the Red Nose Day bucket on stage. (Possibly allow a choice or form time session for students to choose songs for the day?)
  • Percussion instruments (tambourines and hand percussion) will be on the stage so that participants can come up and perform with me at break and lunch times and after school – £2 per person
  • The fabulous “Heath View Extension” staff band will perform with me in the main hall at 4:30pm. £2 donation entry fee
  • SPONSOR me on my charity page to raise money for Children In Need please.
  • http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/patleacockdrumathon
  • Plus, there will be other great events going on throughout the day.

The Staff Band, “The Heath View Extensions,” will finish off the event with a concert that is sure to thrill staff and students alike. Admission is £2 payable at the door if you would like to attend.

Red noses will be available from reception for £1. There are 9 different versions of the nose available this year. Form groups will also be holding their own fundraising events.

Comic Relief and Children in Need are great causes and we enjoy supporting them each year. Your £2 donation could help!

That just leaves us to say: Good luck to Pat on drums and everyone else participating in fundrasing events on Friday 24 March!

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