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YR13 Photographer in Profile: Leah Gavshon-Sarah, Exhibit March 10th – April 13th

10th March 17

Someone asked me recently if could define in one sentence what makes a good photograph, I had to think about it (and try to sound informed of course) ….’a photograph that you want to go back to again….. and maybe again and then again’, was the best I had.

Leah’s photographs are images I’m drawn back to, and can read on a number of different levels and I suppose this is what I think makes a ‘good’ photograph.

The ladder of blonde hair on the nape of the neck of the boy (or girl) with the shaved head and then the powdery softness of his/her head.

The musical flashes of repeated colour that draw my eye across the plain of many of her images – brilliant reds and sky blues.

The perfect balance of composition.


The drama of the lady in the red sunglasses.

The muteness of the petrol station.

I’m caught up in the story of these photographs. I can hear them and smell them.

They are pin sharp and incredibly detailed.

I read these details like words in a book.

Then sometimes, they are romantically soft when they draw on a moment.

Every piece of space functions, even when it’s empty.

They are filled with poetry.

With our new large format printer and fantastic newly designed workspace, it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to make and show this work.

Following this exhibition, we will be showing a body of work by one of our Year 12 students, Zoey Sclare, in a show titled ’Studland United Nudists’ – hold on to your hats!

Cliff, Head of Photography

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