Middle School Show - Grimms Tales

Senior Citizens Enjoy Student Concert at KAS

2nd March 17


Local Senior Citizens enjoyed an afternoon of music at King Alfred School. Middle and Upper School pupils performed pieces ranging from classical music to modern jazz to popular genres. The performances included a variety of instruments from trumpet, horn, guitar, piano and violin.

Some students choose to sing songs from the musicals Sunset Boulevard, Mulan and Matilda. The Middle School Voice Group sang a beautiful three-piece harmony. A violin quartet played Adagio and Allegro by Teleman. Acoustic rock also featured with a guitar solo from a current GCSE student. The talent of the pupils, some of whom wrote their own songs and music, visibly moved the audience.

Our senior visitors enjoyed chatting with the students and hearing about their musical influences and gave well-deserved encouragement and praise to the young musicians.

Piano Accompaniment was provided by Roy Raby, Head of Music.

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