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Year 8 Art Expedition to The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

6th February 17

Jeanette and Thea, Art Department organised an expedition to the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford for all of Year 8 on Wednesday 1 February.

YR8s are currently studying totems in art class. The Pitt Rivers Museum trip provided an excellent opportunity for students to continue their research, find inspiration among the collection, and start planning and sketching their own totem designs.

Along with Jeanette and Thea’s team of art assistants for the day (Kellie, Ceylon, Sheila and Laura), 50 YR8 students climbed aboard a coach and set off for Oxford on an atmospheric, ie rainy, day.

Upon arriving at the Pitt Rivers Museum, after traipsing through Oxford’s Natural History Museum past the famous dodo and under the dinosaurs, the YR8s gasped in astonishment at the wonders hidden behind the doors of the curious and eccentric collection.

Following a talk on the origins of the museum dating back to the 1880s when Lieutenant-General Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt-Rivers began acquiring artefacts of cultural significance from everyday and ceremonial life, students were introduced to totems in the collection including a towering Haida totem pole. It was then off on a totem and mask finding scavenger hunt to discover inspiration for their own KAS creations.

Students chose a remarkable diversity of artefacts to base their work on, ranging from Samurai armour, to Polynesian shields, to Nagaland figurines, to Japanese Noh theatre masks, to Peruvian shrunken heads. By the end of the day, each YR8 had four sketches and some very impressive work in progress.

The YR8s will now complete their totem sketches and transform them into 3D clay models. The finished work will be displayed as part of The Village Project, May 22-26th.

Thanks to Jeanette and Thea for organising the trip.

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