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Year 9 History Battlefields Trip

20th December 16

The History Department’s annual YR9 to Belgium to visit the Battlefields took place November 10-12th. Since their return, students have been writing up reports reflecting on their experience and learning in the trenches.

Year 9 student Eve B reports from the active from in the piece below.

A Visit to The Trenches

On Saturday the 12th of November, Year 9 returned from a two night long trip to Ypres, Belgium. During this trip, we visited many trenches, memorials and cemeteries which were very beautiful and moving.

The highlights of these for me were the Hill 62 trenches, Langemark on German Cemetery and the Last Post Ceremony. At the Hill 62 trenches, we were allowed to go through the original, well preserved WWI trenches, and look at the pictures and old weapons in the museum. The Langemark German cemetery was very beautiful and scenic and had candles and flowers scattered on graves.

Finally, we attended the Last Post ceremony. This was special because it was eleven eleven, (11:11) the ending of the war-but also the hundredth year anniversary of the Somme. This meant there wasn’t just a trumpet, but also a small parade.

We also had time to go to a small chocolate shop and get a waffle before hand. We were all sad to go, but it was a fun trip and I would definitely recommend it to the Year 9s next year.

Eve B, YR9

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