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KAS Radio (KSR) Recording to be Broadcast on Resonance FM

24th November 16

“Time” by Isy N, Produced by Paul Fishman for KSR

Paul Fishman, who many of you will know from his contributions to KAS including as valiant leader of our chess programs, has been working with students to launch KAS Radio (KSR). Last term, Isy recorded a piece entitled “Time ” which will soon be broadcast on Resonance Radio.

Paul writes, “This remarkable recording was made by 12 year old Isabel who while at school decided to explore the concept of time by spending an hour alone in a small dark room. Isy kept a diary by regularly recording her thoughts. Without preconceptions or instructions how to use the microphone, and in a space without ambience, listening is an unusual experience as time ceases to exist.

Two different versions of this work were created both utilizing the same dialogue. The first, was intended as an audio installation, to be experienced in a small dark room. Another was produced for KSR with added ambient music and representing the amount of time Isy spent in the room, exactly one hour in duration. The soundtrack includes music created by former music tech student Adam Stokes, with additional excerpts provided by The Orb, Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Boards of Canada, Biosphere, Aphex Twin, etc

KSR is a radio education project currently being developed with King Alfred School in London. It provides students of all ages (4-18) with training and the facility to create their own radio station and be responsible for content and programming.”

Be sure to tune in to Resonance Radio Friday 2 December 8:00pm to hear Isy’s broadcast.

You can connect to Resonance FM at: www.resonancefm.com




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