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Upper School Enrichment Day, Autumn 2016

23rd November 16

On Thursday 10 November, Year 7-13 students had an opportunity to engage in learning outside the classroom on Enrichment Day trips and workshops.

Year 7 visited the V&A, Year 8 spent the day at the Science Museum, Year 9 were in Belgium on the Battlefields Trip, YR10 participated in Team Building Workshops, Year 11 went to the Globe, and the Sixth Form explored the Barbican.

Many thanks to all the staff who made the day happen, especially trip leaders Will, Ryan, Philip, Leon, Dan, Rob, and Ania.

Jo, Science and Jeanette Art report on their days out below.


YR8 Get Enriched at the Science Museum!

All of year 8 ventured to the Science Museum for a day of activities and exploration. They saw a rocket show and got to explore the Wonderlab at the science museum.

It was full of fantastic interactive displays and the students loved it. They also watched “Our Beautiful Planet 3D” at the OMAX cinema narrated by Jennifer Lawrence. The film revealed planet earth from the perspective of the international space station.

It was superb viewing.

Jo, Science


Year 7 Enrichment Day Investigation of Patterns at the V&A

On Enrichment Day, we took the whole of Year 7 to the Victoria and Albert Museum to investigate patterns from different times and cultures.

This is an annual trip that we have been running now for a few years and is a major inspiration to our Colour and Pattern project. This year we visited three different galleries, Islamic Art, Japan and Ironwork.

We were impressed with the students focus and detail in their drawing. We were complimented by members of the public on the quality of the students work and their behaviour!

All in all an engaging and enjoyable day.

Jeanette, Art

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