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National Poetry Day Competition Winners

7th October 16

A drawing of a cat and a human with the text "say it with a poem"

Thursday 6 October was National Poetry Day. The King Alfred School marked the day by sharing poems in form hour and in class. You may have also noticed Matt Goodfellow’s poem “Messages” on the electronic notice board, which Librarians Jenny and Lili posted to inspire us throughout the day.

The English Department hosted a Poetry Competition with categories for each year group and for staff. The theme for the competition, taking it’s cue from Goodfellow’s poem, was Messages.

Congratulations to our winning poets. If you would like to read their poems, please follow the links below.


National Poetry Day Competition Winners



First Place                   Zah, Estates

Runner Up                  Steve, Science


Year 7                        Jasmine

Year 8                        Edie

Year 9                        Isla

Year 10                      Milo



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