Emil and The Detectives: A YR7-9 Production

13th June 16

Year 7-9 students have been hard at work practicing their performances for Emil and the Detectives, which runs June 15-16th in the Phoenix Theatre.

Emil and the Detectives is based on the book by Erich Kaster and adapted for stage by Carl Miller. Written in 1929, it follows the story of a German boy sent off to Berlin to deliver a hard-earned bundle of notes from his mother by his ailing grandmother. When the money is stolen by a mysterious stranger, Emil and his young companions become detectives to trace the thief and recover lost goods.

Each year, our Middle School Production provides both a fantastic show for the audience to watch and a chance for our up-and-coming student performers to shine. Do come out to support our student actors and to enjoy the show.

Tickets cost £5 and are available from Danyelle at reception.


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