Year 10 Women in Physics Trip to Imperial College London

21st April 16

On Wednesday 20 April, we took some of the Year 10 girls to an event at Imperial College London. This event was targeted at getting girls interested in physics, with a view to having a career as a physicist, or simply further study in physics.

The speakers provided insight into a variety of perspectives with regards to studying physics, from addressing media fuelled misconceptions that only introverted men made good physicists, to illuminating the passion of those women physicists giving the talks. The backgrounds of speakers ranged from highly accomplished physicists, one of whom who had worked with Professor Stephen Hawkins, all the way to first year physics students currently studying at Imperial College London.

The girls had a brilliant time, and their excitement was palpable at all times. They all had an opportunity to view and interact with some exiting exhibits, and to our delight, Elena managed to correctly answer a question from the speaker who was discussing Einstein’s General Theory of relativity.

This is hopefully the start of an ongoing annual tradition inspiring girls to do physics, and it would not be at all surprising if this talk has crystalized the decision for some of these girls to study A-level physics at the King Alfred School.

Conrad and Peter, Science Department

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