KAS Sport Relief 2016 Proves Successful

24th March 16

Staff and students pulled out all the stops and put in a brilliant effort last week to support Sport Relief. Sarah, PE led the charge on KAS’s Sport Relief campaign this year, which was one of our all time best efforts.The main events included staff versus student dodgeball and football, a healthy breakfast, mile runs any style, and the 2016 KAS Sport Relief 24 hour cycling and rowing challenge! Staff and students were invited to wear red and donate 50p to Sport Relief. Throughout the week, every single year group ran the sport relief mile, and some ran a lot more in their cross country lessons. 

Lucy and Marc’s 7AM form group put in a particularly commendable effort. They completed an incredible 14 miles each in the Sport Relief Mile! 7AM also produced a zombie film entitled Infected, which they screened in ICT complete with popcorn. Audience donations went to Sport Relief. Plus they made personalised wooden key rings to sell and organised various bake sales across the week. Great work 7AM! 

KAS Sport Relief: The Main Events 

Wednesday 16 March 

Sports Relief kicked off with a dodgeball duel pitting students against staff on first break and lunch. The competition was balanced and exciting, with some excellent and well directed hits on the part of the students! 

Thursday 17 March 

Dodgeball continued on first break, with the Sixth Form taking on the staff team. Once again, students showed their prowess with a dodgeball, with staff making some dextrous dodges. The much anticipated staff 24 hour rowing/cycling challenge began at 1:05pm in the Main Hall to a chorus of supportive whoops and hollers! Fran and Tom, CS were first up on the bike and rowing machine respectively, followed by representatives from every department on shifts throughout the day and night. 

Night owl Edo took the graveyard shift from 1:00am-2:00am. Sarah and her roomie Natalie cycled and rowed through the night from 2:30am-5:00am. Dan picked things up at 5:00am. Historians Emma and Leon relieved our late night athletes for the early shift from 6:00-7:00am, followed by mother and son team Gemma and Rufus. 

Friday 18 March 

Our staff rowers and cyclists were still looking strong when students arrived the next morning. A healthy breakfast awaited everyone, with flapjacks of all description. DJ Pat was in the house spinning tunes to keep our all-night athletes going. At first break, the 24hr challenge was still going strong—students stopped by to cheer their teachers on as they neared the home stretch! As lunch neared, DJ Pat returned for the final countdown. Sarah, rowing was joined by Ania, cycling for the race to the finish line. At 1:05pm, we made it to 24 hours! 

There was more to come-after school, a Sixth Form versus Staff Football tournament took place. Three teams competed: YR12, YR13 and staff. After reaching the same number of points in the league stage, YR13 triumphed through penalties. Well done YR13! 

The Results 

Sport Relief 2016 was one of KAS’s most successful efforts to support this great charity to date. 

Sports Relief organiser Sarah explained, “Our Sports Relief campaign started off with the ambitious idea to hold a 24-hour challenge. Thanks to everyone at KAS, it quickly gained a life of its own and became a much bigger, and more fun event. We’re proud to support Sport Relief because it has such a valuable impact worldwide. It’s a great way to raise awareness about global affairs, help others, and to get our students into sport. Staff and students put in a great effort to support Sport Relief this year. Every department took part in the 24 hour challenge. Well done KAS!”

KAS has raised over £2700 in aid of Sport Relief so far. As if by Sport Relief magic, the exact amount raised from the 24 hour challenge alone came to a total of £2424.24 There is still time to contribute. If you would like to help the effort, visit the KAS Sport Relief sponsorship page, http://my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/KAS24HR 

A huge thanks to Sarah for organising KAS’s phenomenal Sport Relief campaign, to all the staff and students who participated, and Nuray for sharing her photos!

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